Ups and Downs of Tommy Hilfiger

“In the era of big changes in fashion music, I would like to be able to join the trend. “Tommy Hilfiger said in an interview in London showroom, “I was very envious of the clothes of the musicians: the clothes of Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who made me wonder, I hope one day to be like them. ”

Tommy Hilfiger, one of advanced lifestyle designer brands worldwide, has a kind of “classic American cool feeling” by recognized internationally. Under the leadership of Tommy Hilfiger, the leading designer with great vision and leadership, Hilfiger has become one of the most internationally influential clothing, accessories and home brands.

Tommy Hilfiger had created his first fashion business with his remaining $150 when he was only 18 years old. The “People’s Place “shop was deeply influenced by popular rock style, which brought the fashionable wind to his homeland, the state of El Myra in northern New York.

Until 1985, Tommy Hilfiger has finally launched its own brand of fashion. The brand is named after his own name. With three million dollar publicity, Tommy fashion soon became popular, and his career is also on the peak. Throughout the late 80s, the development of Tommy Hilfiger has been smooth.

Tommy Hilfiger brand advocates natural and simple, and its design concept is full of dynamic vitality of youth. Its unique design style and life taste makes the brand locate on the top of the place in the fierce competition. Coupled with that the Tommy Hilfiger logo is a red, blue and white flag, the symbol of self-confident and healthy brand spirit. And it is very similar to the flag of the United States, making the brand in the public has established a good image. Tommy Hilfiger is young, sexy and true, which is the pursuit of modern young people, loved by the younger generation of Americans.

The Hollywood of USA has ordered millions of clothes as costumes for actors each year from Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy Hilfiger Polo has also entered the royal family in Europe, to become a young generation of aristocratic favorite brand. Since the launch of the men’s playsuit series in 1985, the product line of Tommy Hilfiger has kept on expanding and becoming a complete high-end lifestyle brand. At that time, Tommy Hilfiger could be equal to Perry Ellis Calvin, finally Klein, Ralph Lauren and other big brand.


In mid 90s, in order to cater to the fashionable wearing oversized style, Tommy Hilfiger gradually tend to design more wide and light clothes. But with the hip-hop culture gradually behind the times, Tommy Hilfiger also lost direction. Since entering in 21 century, Tommy Hilfiger slowly declined. People lost interest about the Tommy Hilfiger brand and its clothes.

This situation continued until 2006, Tommy Hilfiger European office head – Fred Gehring, led the establishment of a private company Apax Partners, and purchasing Tommy Hilfiger company with 1 billion and 600 million. This change made Fred Gehring became president of the company, and changed the direction of brand design at the same time.

Tommy Hilfiger returned. But this time, they moved their main battlefield to Europe. Fred Gehring believed that the European market can take the goods as much as possible on the store counter, and it is the key to distribute. That is say, Small retail stores can offer products that can accurately cater to customers who with good taste. In Europe, Tommy Hilfiger has almost more than 4 thousand stores, many of which are small shops that sell selected goods.

Through the efforts of Fred Gehrin, Tommy Hilfiger cooperated with the famous Messi department store in 2007, exclusively supplying clothing for 800 department stores of Messi. The chief executive officer Messi, Terry J.Lundgren said that Tommy Hilfiger was one of the best-selling brands in the store, even in the financial crisis, the sales results are very good. In 2010, Fred Gehring rebuilt the brand’s business in North America, expanding international territory. Tommy Hilfiger would continue to serve as the chief designer of the brand.


About the company’s future plans, Tommy said, I hope to be able to continue to develop into a global high-taste lifestyle brand. I would like to expand the women’s clothing and accessories, make innovation in advertising and marketing, and open social media and electronic platform, to bring new ideas for customers, and introduce the most affordable quality products.

Tommy Hilfiger Australia 2017 new series focuses on the definition of the new men’s wear. The sport of the year of 1970 and the Ivy style, the unique flowers and stripes, are all highlighting the personality of the younger generation.